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waduppp im donna. 15. live in ireland. i like music and playing bass. blahblah.
my name is donna. i am much smarter than i will ever portray myself as being through this website. i am fifteen years old, i can't wait to grow up, although i do love being young. i live in ireland. no, i do not like it here at all! i am tall for a girl, being about 5'9". i sometimes lose concentration, okay it happens alot.
i blame that (amongst other things) on my being a gemini. i'm one of the few people my age who actually enjoys shakespeare. i'm a small-town girl with big city dreams.

i love: my boyfriend, barbie, the olsen twins, hi-5, gemma ward, holding hands, sitting in the rain, old buildings, art.
i hate: arrogant, shallow, rude, obnoxious, conceited people. oh and cigarettes. i almost got addicted to them at one point, almost.

anyone can add me, i don't care.
ESPECIALLY people who will comment me.
caus i like commenting too.

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