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I need new friends!
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My name is Megan, and I`m 18 years old. I`m a hypocrite, and a bitch. I`m sorry in advance. I don`t trust a lot of people, and i`'s something I can't help. I get anxious when I`m put into uncomfortable situations. I really, really love new people. I`ll only add you if you promise to comment =]

x] 12 Step Rebels
x] Ambition
x] Atreyu
x] Atmosphere
x] Aus-Rotten
x] Bad Religion
x] Billie Idol
x] Black Flag
x] Blitz
x] Bob Marley
x] Bouncing souls
x] Casualties
x] Circa Survive
x] Circle Jerks
x] Coheed
x] Crass
x] Crime in Stereo
x] Cyndi Lauper
x] Danzig
x] Dead Boys
x] Dead Hearts
x] Dead Kennedys
x] Demented are Go!
x] Dimension X
x] Down to Nothing
x] Dredg
x] Eagles
x] Flogging Molly
x] Frank Sinatra
x] Generation X
x] GG Allin
x] Groovie Ghoulies
x] Have Heart
x] Kelly Clarkson
x] Kid Dynamite
x] Kids Like Us
x] Kill Your Idols
x] James Blunt
x] Jerry Lee Lewis
x] Johnny Cash
x] John Legend
x] John Mayer
x] Kayne West
x] Lower Class Brats
x] Leftover Crack
x] Lunachicks
x] Marathon
x] Mary J. Blige
x] Mental
x] Miles to Go
x] Mortuus Ferox
x] Motley Crue
x] Muder by Death
x] New York Dolls
x] Oi Polloi
x] Oi! Scouts
x] O-Town
x] Old AFI
x] Old Old Rancid
x] Operation IVY
x] Our Final Say
x] Paint it Black
x]Ray Charles
x] Righteous Jams
x] River City Rebels
x] Sean Paul
x] Set Your Goals
x] Sham 69
x] Signs of Hope
x] Social Distortion
x] Spice Girls
x] Stay Gold
x] Stiff Little Fingers
x] Street Brats
x] The Adicts
x] The Banner
x] The Breifs
x] The Clash
x] The Cure
x] The Distillers
x] The Drop Kick Murphys
x] The Exploited
x] The Fire Still Burns
x] The Germs
x] The Gogo`s
x] The Misfits
x] The Police
x] The Ramones
x] This is Hell
x] Through and Through
x] Tiger Army
x] Tsunami Bomb
x] Verse
x] Whole Wheat Bread
x] Wilson Pickett
x] With Honor

I also have a myspace, add me on that too
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