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A New Journal for New Friends [ 9:49am | Mar 7th, 2007 ]

I just created my journal today and I'm crossposting this everywhere. I have a journal for my old friends and I made this one to make new friends. Then if I really get along with a friend at this new journal, I'll add them to my more old journal. 

'154hopperav' is the address of "Taxi Driver". You know that movie?

I'm not going to say much about myself accept that I don't want to be friends with Bush supporters or people under the age of 18. Other than that, I'l friend pretty much anyone.

But there are a few things about me you might like to know. I"m agnostic, bisexual, a slave to cats, a bit of an artist, disabled with migraines and depression, live in California, USA, and am 36. I'm big into comedy too. I'm also taken. 

What I post is usually pictures of cats and day to day life from my perspective.
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[ 7:47pm | Jan 9th, 2007 ]
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i walk the line and smile for the simple things. i live for the moments of feeling nothing but infinite. i've got a heart that falls too quickly and forgives too easily. i'll pinky promise my way into your heart and be your smile when all you have is broken reasons and a broken heart. get to know me, i'm pretty boss - i promise.
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[ 3:44pm | Sep 6th, 2006 ]


My names Lana. I'm not new to livejournal, but im starting to be more active with it now. i had left it for myspace for a long time, but now im back to it & i have both of them. I'm just looking for some friends who actually comment & like to recieve. so if you dont, dont bother wasting your time telling me to add you jus so your friends list is longer because i do have friend cuts. its not like you'll be there forever. but if you comment, you should add me because i do the same :)

Comment on my FRIENDS ONLY post on my page or you can just ask me here
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new members wanted [ 11:25am | Aug 19th, 2006 ]



, you can do good things in big or small ways and contribute to the "pay it forward" way of life.

Join and do 5 of the acts that you see listed, then post 5 acts you'd like to see done.
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Join the kindness movement! [ 12:09pm | Aug 5th, 2006 ]



This is a community where you choose and complete 5 acts of kindness, and then you leave 5 acts that you'd like to be completed.
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londonon [ 8:29pm | Jul 14th, 2006 ]

A community for people who live in London, Ontario or surrounding the city. Post local news, advertise your stuff, or just pop by to say hello and find out what is going on around the city.
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[ 4:12am | Jul 2nd, 2006 ]


Helloooo. I'm Jennifer. I'm Seventeen [09.03.88]. I live in Indiana. I'm a confusing person. Not many people understand me, or the way I think. I crave excitement and change. I've been writing in my journal for nearly 5 years, but recently switched to LJ. I go to concerts quite a bit. I watch Dr. Phil religiously. Boys seem to give me the most problems in my life, but are one of the things that make me happiest as well, haha. It's not easy for me to make or keep commitments because I don't know how I'll be feeling from one day to the next. I like having a lot of friends (offline and online). I love being busy and doing new things. I like being nice to people, but I have a quick temper and I'm impatient. I'm only mean when someone is mean to me, honestly :] I love animals more than I do people. I can't stand being bored...I get irritable when I'm just sitting around. I would like to think I have a pretty interesting life, there isn't much about it I would change. I comment when I have something to say, and I do read all of my friends' updates. Add me and/or comment my public entry to be added. :]

[ 8:16pm | Jul 1st, 2006 ]

I'm Isaak. You're not going to know how old I am. I'm Canadian and I guess it's okay here. My gender doesn't agree with me. You'll know more about me if you add me.

I'm not new to LJ; I've just decided to start a journal. All friends are nice, but it'd be an upgrade if you had an awesome sense of humour. I don't care what your username looks like or which age you are. You can update about sex/drugs/alcohol all you want, but don't expect a comment because it gets annoying after a while, seriously.

I'm sure you're all awesome and I'd like to get some new friends, but please comment on the public entry in my journal!
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[ 10:22am | Jun 12th, 2006 ]
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I see blindly, but, believe whole heartedly. I know my strengths, but, embrace my weaknesses; I'm not afraid to be wrong. I take promises to heart and never make ones I know I can't keep. Disney movies, his hand written letters, and twenty five cent machines still make my heart smile like nobody's buisness. Hi, I'm Jordan. Add me - I promise I'm not a heart breaker (:

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[ 6:15pm | Jun 10th, 2006 ]


hi. my name is joy. i'm 21. it's not hard to make me laugh. it's even easier to make me smile. i think shaving your legs is completely pointless. but i do it anyways. i have a strange affinity for the smell of tide laundry detergent. strawberry milkshakes my heart happy. my favorite eating utensil is the fork. i have trouble drinking in moderation. comment in my journal if you're going to add me. thanks. :)


are you artistic? [ 10:21pm | May 23rd, 2006 ]

If yes, get to know similar people at addmeartistic. It's a new community for those with artistic tendencies.

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[ 4:46am | May 5th, 2006 ]


donna. fifteen. ireland.
i like music & bass guitar.
old-school rollerskates = ♥
i listen to alott of different music
i'm pretty original when it comes to fashion
i comment alot &i'm super nice to everyone.
you don't need to cmnt or anything


[ 7:56am | May 1st, 2006 ]

[ mood | creative ]

[X]Basic Application[X]
Name: Amanda
Age: 19
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Music: Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Bee Gees, Newsboys, Tree63, GreenDay
Movies: LOTR, HP, POTC, March of the Penguins, Take the Lead, Day After Tomorrow
Tv: Amazing Race, American Idol

More info and PicCollapse )

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[ 1:47pm | Apr 27th, 2006 ]

Hello, my name is Kevin Pierce.

I will eliminate all needless matters and get right to the important part. I don't think any of you really need to know how old I am or what movies I like, If you really want to, you can just go look at my profile.

My LJ is entitles "How the world works (it's impossible to explain)" and that, my friends, is exactly what it is. Although no self-respecting teen could live without complaning about how their life sucks at some point, I try to keep away from my personal life, and instead, give my views on various topics, such as overpopulation, and how it should be dealt with. How should it be dealt with? Plauge of course. I call it "the rolling death". It's a massive bio-weapon that I will at some point create with my m4d bio sk!11z. Other times, I have written up a list of the various kinds of bitches, how you can identify them, why they suck, and how much I hate them. All this and more.

And of course, I am a teen, so I would die if I didn't tell you all how my life was going at some point. But I have a pretty good life, so I'm sure it's fun to read about.

I always have very long posts unless I'm sick or reading webcomics at the time. I comment when it's called for, and it usually means something when I do. And if it doesn't mean anything, you can be sure it'll be funny.

But I'm not doing this for myself, I'm doing it forr you, the public. I hear from many scources that my LJ is hilarious. I have very few friends at tthis point, and so I'm getting to thinking, "Man, I'm so great, EVERYONE should get a chance to listen to me bitch!" And so, here I am, pumpig my journal. Please, don't add me for me, add me for yourself. Be selfish for once. Try it, it feels good. Really. There's a fineline between being selfish and not thinking about others. there's also a fine line between being stuck up and being self-centered. I consider myself to be a stuck-up bitch, but I still think about others.

I'd better wrap this up, or else some mods will probably get angry.

P.S. yes, my avatar is a picture of myself.
so add mi plz ty
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[ 10:00am | Apr 20th, 2006 ]

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[ 10:13am | Apr 20th, 2006 ]
Name: arwen elaina.
Age: seventeen.
Location: paris. [originally california.]
Music: mindless self indulgence; the used; les shaking dolls; les thugs.
Movies: les miserables; odishon; janghwa, hongryeon; night on earth; ringu; ju-on.
Nicknames: none.
Interesting facts you might want us to know: i have a thing for foreign language films; i adore adrien [♥]; i feel the need to keep up with american music; i sometimes simply cannot bring myself to use capital letters.

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[ 3:21am | Apr 7th, 2006 ]


my name is donna & i'm fifteen.
thats me up there with my bestie &no make-up. [BAHAHh]
i live in ireland and i don't like it one bit.
i'm chubby & i love it. i'm 5'9"&SUPER nice too.
i like reading, art, photography, music & rollerblading.
i listen to LOADS of different kinds of music.
i play bass guitar &im learning drums :]
i update & comment alotalot!! yaye
so we're gonna be bfflz? yeah thought so. x

[ 3:03am | Mar 29th, 2006 ]


donna. fifteen. ireland
i like barbie and dying my hair every three days.
i don't like fakes.
i listen to alot of different music....
pantera, megadeth, maiden, (old) metallica, opeth, god forbid, lamb of god, chimaira, burzum, death, gorgoroth, amon amarth, children of bodom, placebo, the strokes, the white stripes, bell x1, bright eyes, interpol, air, damien rice, incubus, the thrills, emanuel, everytimeidie, DFA1979, daughters, the locust, fearbeforethemarchofflames, emanuel, underoath, the blood brothers, the unicorns, tegan and sara, ashlee simpson, panic! at the disco, black eyed peas, bob marley, sublime, vanilla ice..
just to name a few.

umm yeah anyone can add me,
just comment me every now and then.

*&*&* click here to add me! *&*&*

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[ 5:51am | Mar 27th, 2006 ]


waduppp im donna. 15. live in ireland. i like music and playing bass. blahblah. Read more...Collapse )

anyone can add me, i don't care.
ESPECIALLY people who will comment me.
caus i like commenting too.

click to add
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[ 12:50am | Mar 12th, 2006 ]

Hi. I'm Andrea and eat cereal without milk.
I need new friends whom of are interesting.
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[ 12:45am | Mar 8th, 2006 ]
I need new friends!
Image hosting by Photobucket

My name is Megan, and I`m 18 years old. I`m a hypocrite, and a bitch. I`m sorry in advance. I don`t trust a lot of people, and i`'s something I can't help. I get anxious when I`m put into uncomfortable situations. I really, really love new people. I`ll only add you if you promise to comment =]
MusicCollapse )

I also have a myspace, add me on that too
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[ 12:16am | Jan 25th, 2006 ]

Name: sheri michelle
Age: seventeen
Location: south carolina
Music: darkest hour, killswitch engage, korn, poison the well, trivium, all shall perish, ani difranco, ben kweller, portishead, the moldy peaches, jets to brazil... all kinds.
Movies: how high<3.
Tv: fresh prince, family guy.
Nicknames: none.
Interesting facts you might want us to know:

caffeine addict since way back. i speak what i think (& most people wouldn't want it any other way.) i have a passion for good books and camel turkish silver's. i love everyone. i don't bite.
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[ 6:35pm | Jan 21st, 2006 ]

Image hosting by Photobucket

[♥] my name is juli, but nickname is eskimo, yo.
[♥] i’m fourteen years,,
[♥] i sing, alot. i abssssolutely lurv broadz, lykwo.
[♥] i’m a spastic little ball of joy ^^
[♥] i’m also a short little spastic ball of joy =[ (5’, ewwy.)
[♥] totally love making new friends, commentin’ love.
[♥] i ramble and ramble and ramble.... get the idea?
[♥] music is my life. kthxbi.
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Add Me! [ 9:11pm | Jan 18th, 2006 ]

Hey everybody my names Sean.
I'm 21
I'm from CT.
I'm a political science/history major at Southern Connecticut State University.
Love The Beatles, definitely my favorite band.
I don't have many friends on here so I'm looking to make some new friends.

I love to travel, I'm interested in politics, history, music, photography, music, anything outdoors, and I love keeping life as spontaneous as possible. (Although I do have plenty of long-term plans as well.)

I have my own website that I update daily with blog entries, TONS of pictures, videos, and random stuff that I find interesting. You can check it out at http://SeanHenri.com

Add me!

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[ 12:57pm | Dec 24th, 2005 ]

[ mood | bored ]

My name is Melinda. I like hardcore&punk rock. I live in Colorado annnnd heres stuff I like...

[*] I'm 18
[*] I have the best boyfriend a girl could ever want.
[*] ♥ Kyle ♥
[*] God. Yup, I'm religious.
[*] I sing opera, jazz, classical.
[*] I can sing over 3 octives.
[*] I love going downtown.
[*] I'm unique.
[*] I love The Onion, Westword, and The New York Times.
[*] I want to be a veterinarian.
[*] I have piercings&&tattoos so get over it.
[*] I enjoy going out for coffee.
[*] I don't like bichons, theyre gross.
[*] Orange juice is amazing.
[*] I like to take pictures.
[*] I lovemy friends&&family so much.
[*] Without them I couldn't accomplish anything
[*] Leopard print.
[*] I like it when guys are romantic.
[*] Book nerd. I love reading books.
[*] Hardcore and Punk Rock. Need I say more?
[*] Concerts // Shows // Performing Arts.
[*] I would much rather sing a solo then in a group.
[*] I can be sweet.
[*] Carmex is my favorite.
[*] I am very picky about voices I think sound good.
[*] If you sing in front of me, I will pick out your mistakes.
[*] Sometimes I like to run.
[*] Oh my gosh ska.
[*] Laguna beach. Lets keep it on the down-low.
[*] Be nice to me please, I don't bite.
[*] I can't kill spiders.
[*] It honestly makes me cry.
[*] People describe me as cute. Never Beautiful.
[*] I'm very cocky and a perfectionist when it comes to singing.

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